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Ahya Gostar Teb Peru Company

Ahya Gostar Teb Peru Company

Ahya Gostar Teb Peru Company

Ahya Gostar Medical Process Company was established in 1390. The field of activity of this company is the production of breathing aid devices, including Cpap, Bipap, home oxygen generators in the capacity of 8, 5, and 10, and this company is also the first producer of respiratory aid mask and portable oxygen generator in our country. This company is proud to obtain a knowledge-based license, and two products of this company, including masks, respiratory aid devices and portable oxygen generators, have been selected as a national grand project by the Vice President of Science, Technology and the Presidency.

Doctors who cooperate with Ahya Gostar Teb Process Company

Apnea test or sleep test is done to analyze breathing during sleep. And a doctor’s prescription is necessary

Yes, our agencies are active in most cities of Iran

The production devices of Ahya Gostar Teb Company are very easy to process, while our colleagues in the training unit will provide the necessary training.

We have a model of EGT brand portable oxygen generator that is charged with a battery and is portable

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