Connecting the NIV ventilator to the home oxygen generator

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If the patient uses a home oxygen generator and a NIV ventilator at the same time, connect the ventilator to the second flowmeter for the convenience of connecting the two devices together. To connect, be sure to connect the oxygen connector hose to the oxygen connector connected to the breathing aid tube. Please be sure to use the oxygen connector to connect the two devices and strictly avoid connecting the oxygen connector hose to the oxygen inlet installed on the patient’s mask.

Why use the oxygen contour instead of the oxygen inlet on the mask:

1- Due to the presence of exhalation holes on the patient’s mask, connecting the oxygen connector hose to the patient’s mask causes a large amount of oxygen to escape with the patient’s exhalation, and the patient’s oxygen supply is disturbed.

2- The patient may turn to his side while sleeping or may cause the connection hose to separate from the mask by moving his hand.

3- There is a possibility of bending and twisting of the oxygen hose, in which case it is not possible to supply oxygen to the patient.

4- Connecting and disconnecting the hose connecting the oxygen to the mask over time may cause the oxygen inlet of the mask to break, in which case the mask must be replaced.

For the above reasons, replacing the oxygen connector in the NIV breathing device instead of using the mask oxygen inlet is a matter of principle, low cost and with less risks for the patient.

To turn on the devices, first turn on the ventilator, then turn on the oxygen generator, and to turn off the devices, do the opposite, that is, first turn off the oxygen generator and then the ventilator.

If the patient uses two devices at the same time, to moisten the air entering the patient’s pulmonary system, the humidifier of the respiratory aid device should be used.

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