How to use a home oxygen generator

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To determine the patient’s blood oxygen level, first connect the pulse oximeter to the patient’s finger and wait for one minute until the SPO2 number of the patient’s blood is displayed and fixed. This number represents the patient’s current blood oxygen level. If the SPO2 number of the patient’s blood is less than 90%, an oxygen generator should be used. Place the pulse oximeter on the patient’s finger and place the nasal or oxygen mask on the patient’s face and turn on the oxygen generator and turn the flowmeter until the ball is on the 1 L/min number. Wait 5 minutes and observe the patient’s blood oxygen on the pulse oximeter. If the patient’s blood oxygen reaches above 90%, there is no need to increase the output flow from the device, but if the pulse oximeter still shows the patient’s blood oxygen is below 90%. We set the flowmeter to 2 liters per minute and repeat the previous steps until the patient’s blood oxygen reaches above 90. In this situation, there is no need to increase the amount of oxygen output from the device.

Note: Before the patient sleeps at night, check the patient’s blood oxygen and adjust the oxygen generator using a pulse oximeter. At the end, set the flowmeter of the device one liter more because during sleep, the oxygen in the patient’s blood drops and this additional liter compensates for this drop.

The permissible length of the nozzle used in the home oxygen generator is 2 meters. However, the patient can use the long nose for a limited period of up to 30 minutes in the condition of bathing or moving when it is not possible to carry the device.

Note: In case of simultaneous use of two oxygen generators and NIV ventilators, each of the devices must be connected to separate electrical outlets.

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